Interesting report on train ridership in the U.S.

0802130709I want to flag a recent report by Brooking’s Metropolitan Policy Program about rail ridership in the United States. Perhaps the best part is that they have created an interactive map using the data collected, so it’s fun to poke around and look at their findings. I encourage you to check out the full report, but it’s bottom line conclusions are:

  • Amtrak ridership grew by 55 percent since 1997, faster than other major travel modes, and now carries over 31 million riders annually, an all-time high.

  • The 100 largest metropolitan areas generate nearly 90 percent of Amtrak’s ridership, especially those in the Northeast and West.

  • Only ten metropolitan areas are responsible for almost two-thirds of Amtrak ridership.

  • The short distance routes consistently dominate Amtrak ridership share and captured nearly all of Amtrak’s recent growth.

  • Combined, Amtrak’s short-distance corridors generated a positive operating balance in 2011—while corridors over 400 miles returned a negative operating balance.

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