Court rules Dotcom extraditable

I’ve been following the Kim Dotcom saga since 2013, when I analyzed the government’s efforts to criminally prosecute filesharing services. There’s been no big news on that front since then. It seems the government is content to focus on extraditing the members of Megaupload.

Well, this week brought a major setback for Kim Dotcom’s efforts to avoid prosecution in the United States, as he lost his appeal challenging his extradition order.  As reported by the BBC:

The High Court agreed with the defence that the accused could not be extradited on the basis of alleged copyright infringement, since “online communication of copyright protected works to the public is not a criminal offence in New Zealand”.

However they can be extradited on the fraud charges, he said, as they are crimes in New Zealand.

The ruling does not determine the defendants’ guilt or innocence, merely that they can be sent to the US for trial.

This is far from the end of the road, as reported on TechCrunch:

Once again, Dotcom plans to appeal the ruling, which could send the case to the Court of Appeal and perhaps even the New Zealand Supreme Court. In an interview with the New Zealand Herald, Dotcom predicted there are still another two years of legal battles ahead.


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