Anti-Trump Facebook pages worth following

Facebook is a flawed but useful way to keep up on the news about the resistance to President Trump. The problem is that there are so many pages overrun with memes, or disreputable sources, so it can take time to find pages worth following.

Some of them are obvious, like the gold-standards for original reporting, New York Times, NPR, Washington Post, and BBC News, etc.

But there are other journalists and sources doing great work in this new era. Here are nine of my favorite semi-under-the-radar pages. Please leave more in the comments.

1. News and Guts

Description: “A news, media, and production company created by journalism icon Dan Rather and dedicated to insightful coverage and conversation.”

My take: Largely blow-by-blow links, on the cutting edge, generally to reputable (and diverse) sources. Decent news follow for the resisters.

Sample post:

2. Southern Poverty Law Center

Official description: “The Southern Poverty Law Center is a nonprofit civil rights organization that combats hate and intolerance, and fights for the rights of the most vulnerable in our society. The SPLC has won numerous landmark legal victories on behalf of the exploited, the powerless and the forgotten. Its lawsuits have toppled institutional racism in the South, crippled some of the nation’s most violent white supremacist groups and won justice for exploited workers, disabled children and other victims of discrimination.”

My take: A good source for keeping track of the civil rights abuses of the Trump Administration.

Sample post:

3. Women’s March on Washington

Official description: “We are the Women’s March.”

My take: The legacy of the huge post-inauguration-day march. Continues to post useful news and commentary, and to organize group protests, including an upcoming “Day Without Women.”

Sample post:

4. Sojourners

Official description: “Sojourners is the largest network of progressive Christians in the United States, focused on the biblical call to social justice. Our award-winning Sojourners magazine and Sojourners online publication provide the most up-to-date news and thought-provoking commentary from social justice leaders.”

My take: Written for Christianity-inclined lefties, this social media outlet for Sojourner’s Magazine features thoughtful original content.

Sample post:

5. Mother Jones

Official description: “Mother Jones is an award-winning nonprofit news organization that publishes in-depth investigative reporting, game-changing breaking news, and innovative coverage across politics, the environment, health, human rights, culture, and more.”

My take: Sometimes too sarcastic, yet it’s a good source if you like your news to be fact-based with a dose of liberal rage.

Sample post:

6. Lawfare

Official description: “Lawfare is a multimedia web site devoted to serious discussion of national security law and policy. It has a staple of commentators, ranging from journalists to practicing lawyers and law professors. It produces the Lawfare Podcast. It publishes a book review. And it does highly-detailed journalistic coverage of court proceedings in a number of high-profile national security litigations.”

My take: The most wonky of all the pages on this list, this website was started for national-security-law nerds. It’s certainly not knee-jerk anti-Trump. But as he breaks national-security norms, it is a great source.

Sample post:

7. Senator Cory Booker

Official description: U.S. Senator from New Jersey.

My take: Booker is sometimes seen as a showboater, but it is hard to dispute that he gets how social media works. His posts include a mix of his own political posts, news from reputable sources, and inspiring quotes. Of all the senators I’m following — Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, John Lewis, Tim Kaine, Al Franken, etc. — I find myself appreciating Booker’s feed the most.

Sample post:

8. Shaun King

Official description: “Shaun King is one of many voices—though an increasingly prominent voice—within the Black Lives Matter movement. By using social media to highlight, amplify, and discuss news of police brutality, racial discrimination, and other civil rights issues, King has become an indispensable source for extending crucial conversations about social justice and equality.”

My take: This guy posts a lot, and sometimes it is a mixed bag on quality. But he is good at shedding light on lower-profile incidents of racism and injustice. He’s also connected to the latest with Black Lives Matter.

Sample post:

9. Donald Trump Is Not My President

Official description: “Together, we will stand proudly against a demagogue who has belittled immigrants, women, African-Americans, and virtually every minority group. Forever, the Birther-in-Chief.”

My take: Despite the inflammatory title, this page posts mostly thoughtful and well-source articles criticizing Trump.

Sample post:

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