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Data Driven City is devoted to the intersection of technology and government, with particular focus on the legal system and the Midwest. Topics include open-data initiatives, vacant-property registration, copyright policy, and criminal justice. For questions or comments, contact datadrivencity@gmail.com.


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  1. I have no information about lawsuits against Mers in Hawaii; do you? Additionally I am looking for information regarding suits against mortgagees who participated in the sub-prime/MBS fiasco which caused the mortgagor to loose the income necessary to amortize the mortgage and which also cause the devaluation of the property which secured the loan. Also any lawsuit currently in process which includes financial and other hardships in direct relation to the global economic meltdown.

    My mortgage servicer is Wells Fargo Home Mortgage a division of Wells Fargo Bank NA who participated in the sub-prime, bundling, MBS debacle and also then still got the security from those who were negatively affected.

    In advance Mahalo

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